tool cart


Custom trolleys conceived specifically for the needs of a fashion archive warehouse.
Every tools find its place in the drawers for an easy access in the vastness on the place. The restrictives conditions to protect the clothes resulted in the use of stainless steel, and an hyperfonctional design, like in a medical environment.

stainless steel

pictures 1 - 3 @neige thebault

Horizon System

Hi Fi furniture collection


Design of a collection of furniture and accessories for the music specialist Horizon System
The series extend to a range of several items to compose within the different typologies of hadware, made of wood and aluminium, highlighting the aesthetics of Hi Fi supplies fro mthe end of the 20th century.

oak, aluminium, epdm

pictures  @maxim monti

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Tarek Atoui

Wind House #1


The artist and electro acoustic composer Tarek Atoui initiated an ongoing cycle of research with sound and its perception.
‘Within’ is the principal series of artworks where sound is experienced through hearing, touch or sight questioning the way we hear, conceive, play and write music. It consists of 12 instruments for deaf and hearing persons, played by dozens of people to question their design and the way it produces sound.

Tarek asked us to develop the last piece of this panel.
‘Wind House #1’ is a listening and performative room, a music instrument, and a wind gathering device. Based on Johannes Goebel’s wooden SubBass Prototone from the 80’s. Working like a flute, a strong air flow is splitted by the beveled board, producing deep tones that resonate into the whole body and surrounding space.

As part of the exhibition ‘The Shore/A place I’d like to be’
At SMAK - Ghent (Belgium) - April 6 - August 25, 2024

produced with/and dedicated to Gérald Perrin

okoumé plywood, glass, POM, sandm fabric

ceiling lights


series of ceiling lights enhancing the luminescence quality of rock crystal blocs in a renovated apartment in Paris.
Designed by Jean Philippe Sanfourche, we developed a custom fixture to hold the natural rocks and the light bulbs, focusing on long time use. The system is easily connected to the ceiling and allows the user to change the bulbs over time without dismantling the lamps.

Designed by Jean-Philippe Sanfourche and MPM Architecture

rock crystal, aluminium

Romain Lenancker

Photo Studio


New arrangements for Romain Lenancker’s new photography workspace. 

A wide platform giving stability to sets during stilllife shooting, a 3 meter long shelf showcasing new prints, and a magnetic metal wall to present the inspirations of the on going projects.

kerrock, stainless steel and galvanized steel

PEF is a creative and producing strength launched in 2013.
Focused on durable and meaningful materiality, we arise from our ability to make by ourselves directly in our workshop, and our trusting relationships with a network of partners and know-hows around us.
Proposing our expertise to develop physical projects with intelligence and thoughtful producing methods, we ensure honest, durable and high end productions.