Romain Lenancker

Photo Studio


New arrangements for Romain Lenancker’s new photography workspace. 

A wide platform giving stability to sets during stilllife shooting, a 3 meter long shelf showcasing new prints, and a magnetic metal wall to present the inspirations of the on going projects.

kerrock, stainless steel and galvanized steel

Niceworkshop. x Marin

bed shelves


Collaboration with Oh Hyungseog, for his first french presentation.
Production of a custom aluminium bedding shelves system for the new showroom space 40dr, created by Marin Mornieux, showcasing the new products of the Korean design studio  Niceworkshop.


images @Lucas Chanoine


restaurant furniture


Design and production of tables and benches for a restaurant in Pantin.

In order to propose a large quantity of pieces at low budget and short production schedule, industrial aluminium sections were used with glued connections, generating strong furniture for intensive use.
The raw aluminium sections are visible at each cut and junction, enhancing its industrial brutality.

aluminium rectangle sections

Adam Bilardi

Rien n’est sans tempête (la rencontre)


Production of a standing structure presenting Adam Bilardi’s paintings
“Rien n’est sans tempête (la rencontre)”

designed by Pierre Louis Lovera

presented by Exo Exo gallery

2800x1663x505 mm
ash wood sandwich, aluminium, stainless stell bolts, oil paint on wood

pictures @Antoine Donzeaud

Emma Bruschi



Tool used to slip straws into 6 parts.

Based on ancient iterations that were traditionally made with bone, nowadays it can only be found in cheap plastic.

For the straw weaver Emma Bruschi, we proposed a new version cast in brass.


images @Anais Barelli

available here

PEF is a creative and producing strength launched in 2013.
Focused on durable and meaningful materiality, we arise from our ability to make by ourselves directly in our workshop, and our trusting relationships with a network of partners and know-hows around us.
Proposing our expertise to develop physical projects with intelligence and thoughtful producing methods, we ensure honest, durable and high end productions.