BAP! 2

Resilient Interfaces


Léonard and Raphaël Kadid  have been selected to showcase their work during the Architectural bienale in Versailles

Léonard and Raphaël designed a pavillon relating to the pragmatic simplicity of nomadic architecture. The textile interface, both spatial limitation and climatic partition, is the main structural element. Holding together the wooden frame and evolving with the elements, it allows the pavillon to stand, and be dismantled.

We helped developing the projet and produced it

Visible, invisible - The invention of new terroirs in architecture through material and energy.

oak, pine wood, stainless steel, trevira fabric 

sponsors :

showcased at the exhibition ‘Visible, invisible’
hosted by Nicolas Dorval-Bory et Guillaume Ramillien 
during the Architecture and landscape Bienale in Versailles 2022

PEF is a creative and producing strength launched in 2013.
Focused on durable and meaningful materiality, we arise from our ability to make by ourselves directly in our workshop, and our trusting relationships with a network of partners and know-hows around us.
Proposing our expertise to develop physical projects with intelligence and thoughtful producing methods, we ensure honest, durable and high end productions.